A total of 93 rivers found in WY. You can click on a river to see its current conditions.

A Canal At Headworks Near Burris 4nw
Bear River Above Woodruff Narrows Reservoir Near Evanston 16n
Bear River At Border Near Cokeville 10nnw
Bear River At Evanston
Bear River Below Pixley Dam Near Cokeville 11s
Bear River Below Smiths Fork Near Cokeville 3n
Beaver Creek At Mallo Camp Near Four Corners 4e
Belle Fourche River Near Moorcroft 3nw
Big Sandy Reservoir Near Farson 10n
Big Sandy River Above Big Sandy Reservoir Near Farson 14n
Big Sandy River At Gasson Bridge Near Eden 15sw
Bighorn River At Basin
Blacks Fork River Near Little America 9e
Boiling River At Yellowstone National Park Near Mammoth 1ne
Box Elder Creek Near Boxelder 1se
Bull Lake Creek Below Reservoir Near Lenore Near Crowheart 5se
Cache Creek Near Jackson 2se
Cheyenne River Near Dull Center 6w
Cheyenne River Near Spencer Near Riverview 4ene
Clear Creek Near Arvada 15ne
Cold Springs Creek At Buckhorn
Coney Creek Above Twin Lakes Near Big Horn 20sw
Coney Creek Below Twin Lakes Near Beckton 15sw
Cottonwood Creek At High Island Ranch Near Hamilton Dome 5wsw
Crazy Woman Creek At Upper Station Near Arvada 11s
Crow Creek At 19th Street In Cheyenne
Dinwoody Creek Above Upper Dinwoody Lake Near Burris 7w
Donkey Creek Near Gillette 3se
Dry Creek Near Burris 2sw
East Fork Of Smiths Fork Near Robertson 9s
East Pass Creek Near Dayton 11nw
Encampment River Above Hog Park Creek Near Encampment 13s
Encampment River At Mouth Near Encampment 8ne
Firehole River At Old Faithful At Yellowstone Np
Firehole River Near West Yellowstone In Yellowstone National Park Near
Fish Bridge At Yellowstone Lake Outlet Near Lake Junction 1se
Fish Creek At Wilson
Fivemile Creek Near Shoshoni 5w
Flat Creek Below Cache Creek Near Jackson 2sw
Fontenelle Creek Near Herschler Ranch Near Fontenelle 14w
Gibbon River At Madison Junction
Goose Creek Near Acme Near Sheridan 6nnw
Granite Creek Above Granite Creek Supplemental Near Moose 6sw
Green River At Warren Bridge Near Daniel 11nnw
Green River Below Fontenelle Reservoir Near La Barge 18 Sse
Green River Near Green River 1se
Green River Near La Barge 5sse
Greybull River Near Meeteetse 2sw
Gros Ventre River At Zenith Near Jackson 6n
Hams Fork Below Pole Creek Near Frontier 23nnw
Henry's Fork Near Manila Near Lonetree 25e
Lamar River Near Tower Falls Ranger Station (ynp) Near Tower Junction
Lefthand Ditch At Headworks Near Arapahoe 5nnw
Little Medicine Bow River At Boles Springs
Little Popo Agie River Near Lander 9sse
Little Powder River Above Dry Creek Near Weston 20n
Middle Fork Powder River Near Barnum 13sw
Muddy Creek Below Young Creek Near Baggs 5nne
New Fork River Near Big Piney 10 Ene
North Brush Creek Near Saratoga 17se
North Fork Little Wind River Near Fort Washakie 6nw
North Fork Powder River Below Pass Creek At Mayoworth
North Fork Powder River Near Hazleton Near Buffalo 30sw
North Platte River At Orin 2e
Pine Creek Above Fremont Lake Near Pinedale 12ne
Powder River Above Burger Draw Near Sussex 31nne
Powder River At Arvada
Powder River At Sussex
Praire Dog Creek At Wakeley Siding Near Sheridan 7ne
Prairie Dog Creek Near Acme 14ne
Rock Creek Above King Canyon Canal Near Elk Mountain 12ese
Rock Creek Near Buffalo 12nw
Sand Creek Near Ranch A Near Beulah
Shell Creek Above Shell Creek Reservoir Near Shell 19ese
Shoshone River Near Lovell 2w
Smiths Fork Near Border 12ne
Snake River At Moose
Soda Butte Creek Near Lamar Rs-ynp Near Tower Junction 11se
South Fork Little Wind River Above Washakie Reservoir Near Fort Washak
South Fork Little Wind River Below Washaki Dam Near Fort Washaki 6wsw
South Fork Owl Creek Below Anchor Reservoir Near Thermopolis 30w
South Fork Shoshone River Near Valley 3nne
Stockade Beaver Creek Near Newcastle 5e
Stonepile Creek At Mouth Near Gillette 3se
Sybille Creek Above Canal No. 3 Near Wheatland 20sw
Tantalus Creek At At Yellowstone National Park Near Norris Junction 1n
Tongue River At Monarch
West Pass Creek Near Parkman 5wnw
Willow Creek Near Crowheart 2sse
Wind River Above Boyson Reservoir Near Shoshoni 9sw
Wind River Above Red Creek Near Dubois 12se
Wind River Near Crowheart 9se
Wind River Near Dubois 6nw

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