A total of 53 rivers found in ND. You can click on a river to see its current conditions.

Antelope Creek Near Carson 9nw
Antelope Creek Near Dwight 1ne
Bear Creek Near Oakes 6nne
Bear Den Creek Near Mandaree
Beaver Creek Near Linton 1w
Beaver Creek Near Trotters 13sw
Burnt Creek Near Bismarck 7nw
Cannonball River Near Raleigh 16s
Cedar Creek Near Haynes 13n
Deepwater Creek Near Raub 3wsw
Devils Lake Outlet To Stump Lake Near Lakota 9sw
Dry Lake Near Penn 5e
East Branch Short Creek Reservoir Near Columbus 6n
East Fork Shell Creek Near Parshall 4w
Eastern Stump Lake Near Lakota 11s
Edmore Coulee Near Edmore 11sw
Forest River Near Fordville 3se
Green River Near New Hradec 8w
Hay Creek At Main Ave In Bismark
Heart River Above Lake Tschida Near Hebron 16s
Heart River Near Richardton 10s
James River At Dakota Lake Dam 5sw
James River At Lamoure
James River At Nd-sd State Line Near Luden 6sw
James River At Oakes
Knife River At Manning
Lake Alice-irving Channel Near Churchs Ferry
Little Coulee Near Leeds
Little Missouri River At Medora
Little Muddy Creek Near Williston 10ne
Little South Pembina River Near Walhalla 6sw
Long Creek Near Noonan 7nnw
Maple River Near Enderlin 1e
Maple River Near Mapleton 3sw
Mauvais Coulee Near Cando 6se
Mauvais Coulee Tributary #3 Near Cando 2s
Missouri River Near Williston 5sw
Morrison Lake Near Webster 2s
Pembina River At Neche
Red River Of The North At Pembina
Red River Of The North Near Thompson 8e
Sheyenne River Above Devils Lake State Outlet Near Flora 4sse
Sheyenne River Above Harvey 5s
Sheyenne River Above Sheyenne River Diversion Near Horace 1sw
Sheyenne River At Harwood
Sheyenne River Below Devils Lake Outlet Near Bremen 7ne
Square Butte Creek Near Center 6se
Starkweather Coulee Near Webster 4nw
Sweetbriar Creek Near Judson 2ne
Tongue River At Akra
Turtle River At Turtle River Street Park Near Larimore 5ene
Wild Rice River Near Foreman 8se
Willow Creek Near Willow City 7n

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